iPhone 5, 5c, 5s & SE Repairs

Screen / Display

We stock several different grades of screens, starting from just £39!

Call for the latest prices of each grade.

Original Apple Display
The best screen you can get. Retina LCD with Gorilla Glass. Extremely limited supply as Apple no longer manufacture these phones.

OEM Display
Recommended. A semi-original hybrid display. This is our most popular option, using some original parts assembled by a third party factory. The LCD is an original retina display, the glass is a toughened panel which is more durable than the cheaper versions.

Premium Display
This is the best of the full copy screens. Whilst not as tough or durable as the OEM or Original, it has a sharp, vivid LCD made by leading manufacturers and tough glass making it a good cost effective alternative. The frames are a better fit and overall they are more durable and less prone to failure than the cheaper copies.

Basic Copy
A mid range copy of reasonable quality which is becoming a popular option for this who require a decent screen at a lower price.

Economy Copy
It is a good screen for the price but it is not recommended as the glass tends to be weaker than the above screens and the LCD may not be as sharp. They look and function the same as the rest and many repair centres use these as their best available quality, being the only screen they offer. Great for those on a budget who just need their phone fixed quickly and at a low cost.

All screens come with camera and sensor holders plus new earpiece mesh.

Lower grade copy: We do not offer lower quality screens for our repairs.

Apple Store: Apple charge £129 for a screen replacement or £249 for a device swap out.

Common Repairs

Battery: £40
Original Apple part. Fitted in under 10 minutes.

Charging Port: £45
Original Apple part. Charging / Syncing / Microphone issues resolved.

Headphone Socket: £45
No sound from headphones? iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in even when they aren't? This will fix the problem.

Lock Button: £50
Power button, volume keys, mute switch not working? We can replace it with an original apple cable.

Home Button: £30
Home button intermittent or not working? Original Apple parts fitted in 15 minutes.

Speakers: £30
Earpiece or Loudspeaker not working? Either can be replaced quickly with original parts.

Cameras: £40
Selfie camera or Rear camera needs repaired? Original camera modules available.

Other Repairs: Get in touch if the repair isn't listed here.


All iPhone repairs are performed by professionally trained Apple technicians so you can have confidence your repair will be carried out to the highest standards.

Price match: We cannot match our prices with repair shops that only use the cheapest parts they can find.

We only use original parts unless otherwise stated.

More than one issue with your iPhone 5, 5c, 5s or SE?
- We offer discount when more than one part is used for repair.

If the repair you need is not listed here, please contact us with details and we will provide you with a quote.

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Email: info@belfastiphonerepairs.com