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Welcome to Northern Irelands premier Independent iPhone repair service. The trusted source for professional iPhone Repairs in Belfast.

We provide the highest quality iPhone repairs in Northern Ireland by using the most advanced repair techniques, by never using poor quality parts and by offering the best warranty periods with excellent customer service.

Sometimes we may not be able to answer the phone so please send us a text or an email to ensure someone gets back to you as soon as possible. Remember, our quotes are for the highest standard of repair you will find on the market. Don't settle for less.

Express Repairs

Repairs by Post

Being the first to offer this amazing service in 2010, we revolutionised iPhone Repair in Belfast.
If you can bring your iPhone to us, we offer 'while you wait' repairs for most issues.
You may need to book an appointment as this is the most popular choice for express iPhone screen repairs in Belfast. Available until late each night - perfect for those who work all day and don't want to waste their lunch break or take time off work. You won't be without your iPhone for long - this is the fastest iPhone repair service in the country!

We're only 5 minutes away from Queens University- at the Gates Avenue Junction. You can enjoy a coffee nearby while your repair is carried out, or relax in our waiting area.

If you don't live near Belfast you can post your iPhone to us for repair. We offer a 72hr turnaround, and you can pay using paypal or card - just click here for iPhone Repair by Post.

We offer a first class service and use premium quality or genuine parts - all at competitive prices. We don't like cheap, low quality parts; it's just not worth the risk of damaging customers iPhones or leaving them unhappy. We've moved to new shop premises and still offer the best quality service you will find at low prices.

up to 12 MONTHS WARRANTY on ALL repairs:
You can be sure of a top notch service with quality parts as we provide up to four times more warranty on repairs than Apple themselves! Up to 1 year warranty on genuine Apple touch screen replacements, or up to 6 months warranty on all other repairs. This reflects the quality of our parts and the confidence we have in our repairs. Our repairs very rarely have problems, but if something isn't right we will make it right. Our warranty is reliable and doesn't end the moment you pay for the repair - you won't hear "It worked when you paid for it, so you broke it" - if it legitimatley fails within the warranty period we will fix it again for free. (See full terms of warranty conditions).  Reciepts are provided.

We may not be the only iPhone repair service in Northern Ireland, but we're probably the best - our thousands of happy customers would certainly agree.

Why risk going elsewhere for an iPhone repair? Call us on 07704 774111.


iPhone 3G and 3GS Repairs iphone 3G Repairs

iPhone 3GS Repairs
iPhone 3G and 3GS repair:
Inspections are free with a no fix, no fee policy. Prices include parts and fitting, you only pay for what you need. Discounts applied if you need multiple parts for repair.


iPhone Touch Screen Glass Replacement | was: £60 now from: £30
3G 3GS Touch Glass Replacement
This is what needs replaced if your iPhone screen is unresponsive, or if the glass is cracked. It includes the touch screen and glass. We use the best quality adhesive available.

High quality Generic 2 screen: 3G & 3GS | £N/A
Premium quality Generic 1 screen: 3G & 3GS | £30
Premium Quality Generic 1 screen: The best quality generic screen on the market at a fantastic price. Has extra seal to help reduce dust buildup after the repair. 6 month warranty.

High Quality Generic 2 screen: An affordable alternative to our more expensive screens with the reassurance of the high quality service provided by KJDCS. 3 month warranty.

Both above screens have toughened glass. We do not use the brittle glass screens which break very easily.

Due to the thinner glass used in cheaper screens, they may fail sooner or break again more easily, they may also suffer from dust getting trapped between the LCD and touch screen. This is true of cheaper screens used at all independent repair shops.

We can show you the differences in all types of screens so you can make an informed decision for yourself. You can then be sure you are getting the part that you paid for.

We cannot stress this enough: Cheaper, inferior quality screens will break a lot easier, leading to more frequent replacements - this could cost you more in the long run.

We will match any screen replacement quote!* (terms)


Screen Protectors | 3 for £1
We stock premium 'Screen Guard' screen protectors


White Touch Screen Glass Replacement | 3G | 3GS
Now you can get a screen to match the white iPhone back cover. You can also get a white home button to complete the look. These look very cool and make your iPhone 3G or 3GS stand out from the rest. Available to order.


iPhone LCD screen replacement | 3G & 3GS | now only: £30
3G 3GS LCD Replacement
Prices are for GENUINE APPLE screens.

If the colour screen below the touch screen is dim, not showing an image, leaking ink, distorting the image or displaying lines, this part will fix the problem.


iPhone Touch Screen + LCD Screen replacement | now from only: £45
3G 3GS Touch and LCD Replacement
If you need both the touch screen and the LCD screen replaced, we can change both at the same time for a reduced fee.

Genuine Apple screen: 3G & 3GS | £65

Use a Generic 1 touch screen: 3G & 3GS | £55
Use a Generic 2 touch screen: 3G & 3GS | £45


iPhone 3G / 3GS Mid Frame with rubber seal replacement | £10

If the mid frame (which the touch screen is stuck to) is broken, or if the rubber seal around the glass has corroded or been damaged we can replace it. (during touch screen replacement only).


iPhone 3G / 3GS Back Cover replacement | now only : £29

Make your phone look like new by getting the back housing replaced.

This includes a new chrome bezel and new buttons too. Black and white available in all sizes.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Battery replacement | £35 now only: £30
3G 3GS Battery Replacement
If your battery isn't holding it's charge like it used to, a replacement battery will help make it last longer.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Dock Connector Replacement | now from: £10

If your iPhone will not charge or sync with iTunes, you will need the dock connector replaced.

If it has just been disconnected from the circuit board we will reconnect it for £10 and give you a £10 voucher toward any other repair!


iPhone 3G / 3GS Loud Speaker Replacement / Repair | from: £10

This is the speaker located at the bottom of the iPhone - it will need replaced if there is no music coming from the iPod or if you cant hear ringtones.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Microphone Replacement | from: £10

If the person you are calling cannot hear you, the microphone will need replaced.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Earpiece Speaker Replacement | Call for price

When you cannot hear the person you are calling, the earpiece speaker or cable will need replaced.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Headphone Jack Replacement | Call for price

No music coming from your headphones? Try a different pair first. If the problem persisits then we can replace the headphone jack and you'll be listening to your music on the go in no time!


iPhone 3G / 3GS Volume Button Replacement / Repair | Call for price

If your volume button has fallen out we can replace it for £10.

If it's just not working the mechanism under the button will need replaced for £29.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Mute Switch Repair / Replacement | Call for price

If the mute switch has fallen out we can replace it for £10.

If its just not working or is constantly turning on and off in your pocket, we can replace the whole switch unit for £29.


iPhone 3G / 3GS top Lock button repair / replacement | Call for price

If the lock button has fallen out we can replace it for £10.

If its just not working or you need to squeeze the phone to make it work we can repair it for £29.


iPhone 3G / 3GS WiFi Repair | from £29
If your iPhone isn't picking up WiFi we can replace the WiFi antenna for £29. If this doesn't work there may be an underlying issue on the motherboard.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Camera Removal / Repair / Replacement | from £19

Is your camera not working? We can replace the camera in 3G and 3GS iPhones for £35 £29.

If you just want the camera removed for security reasons we only charge £19. You can keep the camera module in case you need it replaced again.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Round Home Button Repair / Replacement | from £29

If the home button just needs adjusting we only charge £10 and give you £10 credit toward a future repair!

If the cable under the button needs replaced our prices start at £29 as the screen may need replaced to provide the best possible finish.


iPhone 3G / 3GS Reassembly Service | £20 not including parts

Tried repairing your iPhone but can't put it back together, or damaged a different part in the process?

We deal with this all the time. If it needs extra parts we can fit them at a discounted rate.


iPhone Part Fitting Service | from £20
Bought a part but feel uneasy about fitting it yourself? We will fit any part from £20, the price depends on the type of repair. As we won't have supplied the part there will be no warranty. We recommend using our full repair service which uses our top quality parts.


iPhone Water Damage repair | From £20

Turn your iPhone off immediatley and bring it to us as soon as you can to minimise the risk of damage.

DO NOT try to turn it on again.
DO NOT use a hairdryer - this can cause more damage.
DO NOT put it in rice - this method DOES NOT work!
Often the phone will work for a period of time, this can cause irreversable damage to components on the circuit board.

We will clean the circuit board. Any parts that need replaced will be charged at a discounted rate.


We can now repair / replace damaged circuit board components:

iPhone Connector #1 Repair | £45
iPhone Connector #2 Repair | £45
iPhone Connector #3 Repair | £45
iPhone Connector #4 Repair | £50
iPhone Connector #6 Repair | £50
iPhone Connector #7 Repair | £50
iPhone Sim Reader Repair | £50
iPhone 3GS 'No Backlight' Repair | from £35
iPhone 'No-Wifi' issue Repair | from £75
iPhone 4 Battery Connector Replacement | £60


Other 3G and 3GS problems | Call for prices
We know there are many other problems that can occur with iPhones - sometimes the solution isn't as clear cut as replacing a screen. Call us about any problem and we will advise you on the best route for repair.

Damaged your iPhone while attempting to repair it yourself? Don't worry -We have helped many customers with this problem.
iPhone 4 Repairs
iPhone 4 Repairs

iPhone 4S Repairs
iPhone 4 and 4S repair:
Inspections are free with a no fix, no fee policy. Prices include parts and fitting, you only pay for what you need. Discounts applied if you need multiple parts for repair.

Save up to 50% off extra repairs whilst the iPhone is open! Pay full price for the most expensive repair and save £££'s if anything else needs repaired at the same time.


iPhone 4 & 4S Touch Screen Glass Replacement | from £50 including fitting

First Choice for Genuine Apple iPhone Screen Repairs in Belfast! - Fitted in 10-20 minutes - we are the fastest and one of the best iPhone 4 screen replacement services in the UK! The Original Wile you Wait repair service, accept no immitations!

The iPhone 4 Touch Screen and LCD come bonded together from the factory, the price reflects this as both parts need to be changed at the same time. For unrivalled quality and finish choose Belfast iPhone Repairs to repair your device.

Premium Quality Screen: 4 & 4S | £50 (popular choice)
This is the best quality non genuine screen available - we tested hundreds of screens from different suppliers before finally finding this. It is durable and reliable. Customers have been very happy with these. 6 month warranty.

Genuine Apple Screen: 4 & 4S | £70 (recommended)
We highly recommend genuine screens. Being an official Apple screen it is the highest quality part available and comes with a 1 year warranty. This is a 100% genuine screen, using all genuine parts and assembled in an Apple approved factory. It has stronger gorilla glass than the budget and premium screens so is more durable and less likely to break again when dropped.

The above 2 screens include: New touch screen & glass, new LCD, new plastic frame, new earpiece mesh, new front camera holder and new adhesive. Many repairs we have seen that were carried out elsewhere just had the old dirty earpiece mesh from the broken screen trasferred over. Worse still, the adhesive wasn't changed... We would not accept this and neither should you. Nowhere comes close to our standard of repairs.

High Quality "Budget" Screen: 4 & 4S | £30
Widely used elsewhere, we have to remain competitive with other services who only stock this type of screen at a low price like this. Now you have no reason to take a gamble attempting a repair yourself, or risk leaving it with someone who may not know what they are doing. 30 day warranty with this screen!

There is no point in cutting corners when it comes to repairing customers iPhones which are worth hundreds of pounds - Keeping high standards and providing the best quality repairs is our main priority. We recommend you choose genuine or premium screens.
Come and see the differences in these screens for yourself to make an informed decision.

We cannot stress this enough: Cheaper, inferior quality screens will break a lot easier, leading to more frequent replacements. This is due to the thinner, non-toughened glass. The savings have to come from somewhere, but could end up costing you more in the long run.

Remember, We operate a PRICE PROMISE!

You get a 12 Month Warranty on genuine iPhone 4 & 4S screens!


iPhone 4 & 4S LCD replacement | from £35

Call for the latest prices.

iPhone 4 LCD screens come bonded to the touch screen so it is one unit that is replaced. Please see the prices above. Best prices for iPhone repair in Belfast.


iPhone 4 & 4S Back Glass cover replacement | Black or White | from £15

Premium back cover: £15

Genuine Apple back cover: £--


iPhone 4 & 4S Front Screen and Back Cover Replacement | from £60 including fitting

Premium screen with premium back cover: £60 (save £5)

Budget screen with premium back cover: £45 (save £5)

All the above fitted in 15 - 25 minutes - Fastest in the country!


iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Repair | £30

iPhone 4 Volume Button Repair | £30

iPhone 4 Mute Switch Repair | £30

All the above repairs come as one unit - £30 will repair all these faults.


iPhone 4 Battery Replacement | £30


iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair | £30
iPhone 4 Back Camera Repair | £30
Both iPhone 4 Camera Repair | £50

Prices include replacement camera modules if needed.

iPhone 4 Camera Removal Service | £30

Both cameras can be removed from your device for security purposes. We will return the camera modules should you need them reinstalled. Reinstallation will cost £20.


iPhone 4 Colour Conversion | from £60


iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement | £30

iPhone 4 Microphone Replacement | £30

The dock connector and microphone are on one unit so £30 will repair both these problems.


iPhone 4 Earpiece Replacement | £30


iPhone 4 Home Button Repair (cable replacement) | £30

The cable needs replaced when the home button is sticky, intermittent or non responsive. Add a new home button for £10 extra.


iPhone 4 Lock and Power Button Repair | £30

iPhone 4 Noise Cancellation Mic Replacement | £30

iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Repair | £30

All these repairs are on the same cable so all can be replaced for £30


iPhone 4 Loudspeaker Replacement | £30


iPhone 4 Sim Tray Eject Mechanism Repair | £25


iPhone 4 Vibrate Motor Repair / Replacement | £30


iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Repair | £30


If you cannot see the repair you need on the website please contact us - we can fix 99% of iPhone problems on the same day.


Other iPhone 4 & iPad problems | Call for prices


iPhone 4 BLACK to WHITE conversion | from £70

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